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Has a default judgment been entered against you? Did your creditor take you to court and you didn’t show – or, even more frustrating, you didn’t receive notice of the court proceedings? Then you need the assistance of an experienced attorney, one who will fight for your legal rights and against the default judgment.

At DCDM Law Group, PC, our skilled lawyers are experienced with default judgments. We know how to get them over-turned, to the benefit of our clients, and we’re aggressive at pursuing such determinations. But we cannot start fighting on your behalf until you call us. We offer free initial consultations and we’ll take the time to explore and explain your legal rights and options. Call us now if you’ve had a default judgment against you. You can’t stall for any longer. Action is required, and the need is immediate. Contact us, today.

What is a Default Judgment?

A default judgment, sometimes misspelled as “judgement,” is a legal ruling against an individual or business for failure to act. In essence, it is the final disposition of the case. The term “default” legally translates into “a failure to act” and the term “judgment” is legalese for “the final disposition of a legal proceeding.” When it comes to financial matters, such as debt owed to credit card companies and other creditors, a default judgment means that the creditor has the right to start levying your assets, as well as instituting wage garnishments. So if you have a default judgment against you, that means you didn’t act and the entire case has been decided against you, in your absence.

Legal Responses to Default Judgments

If you’ve had a default judgment against you, brought by a creditor for failure to pay on debts owed, there are many important questions to be answered. Where are you going to come up with the money to pay the judgment? What happens if they start wage garnishments? What are your legal rights in this situation? Is there any help available?

Yes, help is available, but you need to call our lawyers first. We will review the default judgment and explain to you your legal options and rights. In many cases, we are able to vacate the default judgment and push reset on the lawsuit as if no default had been entered.

One of our lawyers will review all of the legal paperwork associated with the default judgment and will then advise you as to your legal standing in the case. It is likely that you’ll be able to have the judgment reversed, set aside, or vacated -which effectively means the case has been reopened, allowing you to negotiate with your creditor to obtain more favorable repayment terms or to develop an affordable repayment plan for your debt.

Free Consultations on Default Judgments

If you have received notice of a default judgment, you need help. Call us today for a free review of your default judgment case and exploration of the legal options available to you. You will speak with one of our experienced litigation attorneys. You will be in good hands.