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Have you been served with a collection lawsuit from a debt collection agency or a creditor? Then you need experienced, reliable legal advice and you need it now. Lawsuits are serious and need to be treated as such. You cannot ignore the situation and hope that it will be resolved on its own. Now’s the time to be proactive, and that means reaching out to our law firm – DCDM Law Group, PC – for help.

You need to know your legal options. You need to understand what the lawsuit means. You need someone on your side, who will take the time to review the legal paperwork, investigate the circumstances, and then develop a legal response and defense to the lawsuit. That’s where our lawyers come in. We’re here to explore and explain your legal options and we’ll provide defense for your creditor lawsuit, but we cannot protect your rights you until you contact us.

Creditor Lawsuits: What To Do

You need to act. Now. Once you are served, you have only a short amount of time before you must respond to the complaint, whether in the form of an answer or some other motion. Don’t wait or ignore the fact that you’re being sued by a creditor. That will likely result in a default judgment against you, and then you’ll be dealing with a much more complicated legal mess. Once the creditor obtains a judgment against you, it is only a matter of time before you receive a wage garnishment notice or a lien is placed on your home.

Before any of that happens, contact one of our creditor defense litigators, today. When you’re involved in legal proceedings – whether you want to be or not – having an aggressive, professional, experienced attorney on your side is essential to you retaining your legal rights.

Creditors, and the law firms who buy the debt from creditors, often think they can walk all over individuals. Yes, you may owe them money, you may be behind in your payments, but you still have rights and those rights need to be protected. That’s where our attorneys come into play. We’ll make sure that you fully understand the situation and your legal rights and options. If you choose to retain us to represent you, we’ll make sure we keep them at bay. Our first priority is your defense.

Creditors can act like bullies. We put a stop to that behavior. We will file your response to the creditor lawsuit, we’ll represent you during negotiations, and if the matter goes to court, we’ll provide you with the strongest defense. Our attorneys know the legal system and we know your rights within it. You need our expertise and experience, and now that you’re facing a creditor lawsuit, you need us now.

Creditor Lawsuits – Free Defense Consultations

Don’t let the situation get any worse. Call us and speak with one of our attorneys who specialize in defending creditor lawsuits, today. Your initial consultation is free, and we will make sure that you fully understand your situation and your legal rights and responsibilities. Now is the time for you to act; once the creditor has filed a collection lawsuit against you, you have a set amount of time in which to respond. Let us craft your response. Let us help you resolve the matter. We’re here. We’re ready. Now you just need to call us. Do so, now.