Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are one of the many Los Angeles residents affected by economic hard times, bankruptcy may be the best answer for you. Bankruptcy can allow you to eliminate debts or to restructure your debts so they become more affordable. Bankruptcy can also allow you to avoid liquidating retirement accounts to repay debt, and can even help you to keep your home in certain cases. Don't continue to struggle with debt you have no hope of repaying- instead, contact a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney to learn whether bankruptcy is right for you.

Bankruptcy Myths and Realities

Many people have misconceptions about bankruptcy that cause them avoid filing for bankruptcy protection, even when doing so is the best thing for them. One of these myths is that bankruptcy will destroy your credit or make it impossible to get credit. Neither of these myths is true and, in fact, in some cases you may actually be able to improve your credit score by filing bankruptcy and ending the continual reporting of late payments. Another myth is that you will lose your home, when in fact bankruptcy very rarely results in the loss of your house and, in fact, in most cases can actually help you to keep your house.

Relying on misconceptions or advice from non-experts can be detrimental to your financial health if you make the wrong choice. Instead, it is best to speak with an experienced Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney to find out the real truth about how bankruptcy will impact you and your finances. Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers are bound by the lawyer's code of ethics to provide you with advice in your best interests, so you will get objective and accurate information about filing bankruptcy.

How a Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney Will Help

When you work with a Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer, your attorney will guide you through the entire process of filing for bankruptcy. Your lawyer will help you to understand if bankruptcy is the best option or if there are other appropriate alternatives such as debt settlement. Your Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney will also advise you on whether chapter 7, chapter 11 or chapter 13 is the most advantageous choice for you when filing for bankruptcy.

After you have made the decision to file, your Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer is your advocate and your advisor as you fill out required forms, attend creditor meetings, craft a repayment plan and go before the bankruptcy judge. A Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney will help to ensure you do not make any mistakes that could delay your filing or cause certain debts not to be discharged. Your lawyer's role is to make sure everything goes as smoothly as it can so you can get through the bankruptcy process and move on to a better and brighter financial future.

Getting Help

When you are ready to take control and find out if bankruptcy is right for you, contact our experienced Los Angeles bankruptcy attorneys to get started. Residents looking for a Beverly Hills bankruptcy lawyer, or a bankruptcy attorney in Santa Monica, Hollywood, Venice, or Culver City are also served by our experienced bankruptcy attorneys.

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