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Debt is almost always a burden that stops you from fulfilling other financial goals. However, there are certain times when debt becomes a burden that is too much to bear. When you find yourself continually subject to collections calls and activity, or when you find yourself fearing court action, repossession or wage garnishment, debt has become more than just a small problem- it has become a major issue. In many cases, the best way to resolve this issue is by speaking with a Culver City bankruptcy attorney about your options for filing for bankruptcy protection.

Filing for Culver City Bankruptcy Protection

Many people who are burdened with impossible debt struggle to try to repay what they owe. You may find yourself one of these individuals, sending in payments month after month and never actually making a dent in your debt as you watch your hard-earned cash get eaten up by penalties and high interest charges. You may even be considering doing something drastic like borrowing against your house or against your 401K or even cashing in your retirement account.

If this sounds like your situation, bankruptcy may be a far better choice than continuing down the path you are on. Bankruptcy allows you to stop collections activities as soon as you file for protection by putting an automatic stay into place. Then, depending on what chapter of bankruptcy protection you file, bankruptcy will allow you to have your debts forgiven after some of your assets have been sold to generate payment, or will allow you to enter into a payment arrangement where you slowly pay off some of your debt over time.

When you file for bankruptcy protection, you get to keep your retirement accounts and, as long as you can get or stay current on your payments, you get to keep your house in almost all cases as well. Even chapter 7 bankruptcy, where some of your assets are turned over, provides you with certain forms of protection so you don't lose everything you have. Because of these protections and the way the law is structured, bankruptcy allows you to get a clean financial start and to protect your financial future.

Getting Legal Help

While filing for bankruptcy protection can be the best way to handle your debts, it is not a do-it-yourself process. As soon as you begin considering bankruptcy, you should speak with a Culver City bankruptcy attorney to find out if bankruptcy actually is right for you or if there are other options you should explore. Not all types of debt can be dealt with in bankruptcy, and not all individuals are eligible for all chapters of bankruptcy, so your Culver City bankruptcy attorney will help you to understand what legal alternatives you actually have.

Your Culver City bankruptcy attorney will then guide you through all stages of the process, from filing to the discharge of your debt.

To learn more about how our experienced Culver City bankruptcy lawyers can help you get started on the process of dealing with your debts, contact us today. If you are looking for a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney, or for a bankruptcy lawyer in Santa Monica, San Pedro, Simi Park or Canoga Park, we can provide legal assistance for you as well.

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