Business Litigation

When operating a business, rarely do business owners wish for litigation. Quite the opposite is true. Savvy businesses try to avoid business litigation by drafting clear contracts, by taking steps to minimize liability and by finding business solutions to legal problems. Sometimes, however, business litigation is a necessary part of operating a company. Business litigation takes many forms, from anti-trust lawsuits to franchise or intellectual property disputes.

Whether you are a business that wishes to take legal action against another entity or a business that has had legal action taken against you, the experienced lawyers at DCDM Law Group can act as your advocate and provide you with competent and skilled legal advice.

Understanding Business Litigation

The process of business litigation will differ depending on the specific type of case at hand. For instance, in a breach of contract case where you are suing the other party for not fulfilling the promise it was contractually obligated to fulfill, the process of business litigation will involve proving that a material breach of the contract did occur and lead to damages.

In all cases, however, typically a plaintiff and defendant will have the opportunity to attempt to work out a settlement prior to trial and will then be given an opportunity to be heard in court if unable to do so.

Settlement Opportunities

DCDM Law Group has extensive experience negotiating successful settlements to help businesses and individuals avoid the expense and stress associated with a protracted court case. By working with DCDM Law Group, you let the other side who you are negotiating with know you mean business.

Courtroom Experience

When a fair settlement is not possible, DCDM Law Group will be your tireless advocate in court. From ensuring that procedural technicalities are taken care of and that all court rules of evidence and civil procedure are complied with to helping you to understand your burden of proof, DCDM Law Group will manage your case every step of the way.

More importantly, the attorneys at DCDM Law Group will put their extensive trial experience to use in helping the court to believe your version of events and render a verdict favorable to you. At DCDM Law Group, we understand that your personal finances, your business and your future may hinge upon the outcome in your court case. We will do everything in our power to help you obtain a favorable result.