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Wage garnishment is probably the most common type of garnishment that people may encounter. A wage garnishment takes money directly from an employees compensation or salary to pay creditors. Unfortunately this type of garnishment can continue for while until the debts are paid or until another agreement is reached or the debt is settled in some fashion. There can be many reasons for a wage garnishment, but there are a few common ones such as:

  • Child support
  • Unpaid student loans
  • Back taxes
  • Other unpaid debts or fines

When a wage garnishment is secured by a creditor, a percentage of your income will come straight out of your payroll leaving you with the balance for take home pay. Not only can this be embarrassing for you, but it can send the wrong message to your employer. Fortunately, many cases of wage garnishment can be resolved through bankruptcy. Moving past this situation and getting  a fresh start can be fairly quick and easy. Contact us if you have a wage garnishment and you’d like to learn more about how a bankruptcy may be a good option for you.